I Heart Haiti


I went to this event called I Heart Haiti the other day, which was organized by a girl I met when I was out busking.  She invited me to play a few songs at the event and it turned out to be a really fun night with a lot of talented people.  Just wanted to throw up a few links to some of the really enjoyable folks that were there.

These guys, "A Love Creation," were selling t-shirts and stuff and have these really cool oragami business cards that were heart shaped and screen printed.  I almost felt bad taking one they were so nice.

"Riddle the Roar" was the first band on stage (I followed them and did just a few songs).  They've got a really alluring, folksy, forlorn sound that combines violin with reverbed electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and a nice deep bass.

"The Smart Brothers" closed out the night with a ridiculously good set.  It's just good music.  Check they're MySpace (they've got a Facebook fanpage too) and click the last two songs (my personal favorites).  They're a bit of a throwback...utilizing a lot of 50s chords and melodies but throwing in some Spanish guitar for good measure while filling out the sound with nice fat double harmonies.

All in all, the best night of live music I've been to probably in years...partially because I never go out (or I'm walking) and partially because everyone was just really good.  And it was free!  The whole night of music was recorded and is available for just $10 if anyone is interested.  Probably no one is, but if you are, I'll put you in touch with the right person.

Hi andrew,
I met you in balboa park san diego, I was walking with my wife and baby and seen you playing and struck up a conversation, i was moved by your sincerity and openess and so gave a small donation, 20 bucks I beleive but it was all I could do at the time. I hope all is well and will pray for you to be safe and make it back. also would like to donate a bit more every now and again and ewill do so via paypal. Good lucka dn have fun for all of us stuck in our lives of work and conformity, while we dream of being like you!


Nice!I learn a little bit more every week about what being a SAHD means.

Thank you for yor post!it is amazing!i like it!


nice post, good job, i like you blog

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